Fundraising Strategy Services

Strategic Planning

 What’s the most audacious vision of success you have for your organization? We invite our clients to brainstorm what the most optimistic vision of the future looks like – and then work backwards from there to talk about the activities we need to implement to realize this vision, the resources we need to do so, and the benchmarks and impact we measure. 



    How do you help your donors know your organization better? We’ll work to inventory connections and relationships that can help access the donors you want and develop a strategy of polite persistence to put them on a pathway to support. 

Prospect Research

 Who are the best prospects for supporting your work? With an understanding of your programs and priorities, we can help identify prospective donors and provide the intelligence you need to prepare your approach.

Development Audit

 What’s working well in your development operation, and what could be working better? We’ll help you inventory your current donor relationships, past approaches (successful and unsuccessful), programs, and messaging to target your best opportunities for expanding your donor base, increasing gifts, or defining fundraising opportunities around projects/programs. 

Case Development

   How succinctly and successfully can you articulate what you do and why it matters? From evaluating and tweaking existing language to crafting mission statement and case for support language from scratch, we can help your messaging resonate with the donors you want to gain and keep. 

Board Coaching

   Is the board helping or holding you back? Whether you’re a startup, longstanding institution, or organization in transition, orienting board members to the ways they can help secure the resources you need, and demystifying the fundraising process, can help foster more productive board engagement. 

The best development programs result from a combination of good instincts, good data, great people skills, and persistence. Gallagher Group brings these qualities to each and every project, and we can help you embed these in your fundraising program for greater major gifts success.

Our Clients Have Included

gallagher group clients pbs news internews huffington post fund for investigative journalism gijn

ASNE Foundation


Bureau of Investigative Journalism

City Limits

The Communications Network

Edmund J Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University

Fund for Investigative Journalism

Global Investigative Journalism Network

Global Reporting Centre, University of British Columbia 

The Huffington Post

Institute for Nonprofit News

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists


Investigative Reporting Workshop, American University

Mississippi Today

News Literacy Project



Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Type Media Center

United Nations Foundation

Fundraising Fundamentals for Journalists

Best Practices for Getting Your Reporting Funding (Courtesy GIJN)

Prospecting & Major Gifts - A Primer

Growing your major gifts program — or getting one started in the first place — can feel like an overwhelming responsibility. The philanthropic landscape is extremely competitive, and the prospect of identifying and soliciting prospective donors can seem cumbersome and intimidating.

While the non-profit journalism landscape has flourished, opening up new revenue streams and business models to support mission-driven news, many organizations continue to rely on major gifts from foundations, high net-worth individuals, governments and multilateral organizations for the large investments they need to start up, Read the full primer for prospecting and cultivating donors.

The need for a sophisticated, multinational corps of investigative reporters has never been greater.

The need for a sophisticated, multinational corps of investigative reporters has never been greater.